SCHLACHTEN | Kriege keinen Frieden | Image © Ursula Heermann-Jensen

Kriege keinen Frieden (War – no Peace)

War is back and has received a face-lift – a strange mixture of barbarianism and High Tech. On the battle fields of the Middle East marketing strategists use stylish video-clips to satisfy the demand for true cutthroats. In the east of Ukraine self-declared governors proclaim their private republics protected by the hypocritical glory of gracious mother Russia, who only wants to gather all her children under her warming skirt.

The symbol of those wars is the gun in the form of an MP, raised high above the head or proudly held in front of the chest. An emblem of power and virility; man is the gun, all his being comes from it and through it. To illustrate the atrocities of war and displacement I haven chosen an ambi- and polyvalent way of representation in which the human, prosthetics and the form of the gun itself are converging. The way to which ever paradise is for both, perpetrators and victims, covered with blood and leads only into the darkness of death.

Now war and it’s consequences are coming to us. 70 years ago this has already been the case in Germany. It wasn’t easy too in those days – the fugitives were not really welcome. But at least they spoke German and one shared – unexpressed – the same guilt – so they were received. Today yet we live in the fortress Europe, with defence towers built from prejudices and walls made of alleged concerns for the survival of our christian-occidental culture. Today, Jesus would drown in the Mediterranean Sea.

About Ursula Heermann-Jensen

Ursula Heermann-Jensen, born 1961 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, has studied Art and Art Therapy at the University of Applied Science Nuertingen and the Academy of Fine Arts Nuertingen. Since 2000 she is working as an independent artist having her focus on painting and drawing. From 2000 until 2007 she has lived and worked in Wiesbaden, where she was granted a studio scholarship at the Arthouse by the City of Wiesbaden. She engaged herself for the interests of artists by being the chairwoman of the Professional Artists Association Wiesbaden from 2003 until 2008. Since 2008 she has her studio in Berlin-Oberschoeneweide in the Atelierhaus79.
Ursula Heermann-Jensen dedicates her work to the transitoriness of the moment. Shadows of leafs, reflections of light on water, seemingly coincidental linear and complex structures that evolve. Her art captures all facets of constantly changing phenomena. The old masters’ technique of layering and the accuracy she applies lead to abstract/semi-abstract compositions that are loaded with emotional depth and a particular intensity of color. In her newest cycle „War – no Peace“ – also in layering technique – her attention goes to the increasing number of armed conflicts and the consequences they have for people in the areas affected – forced migration and displacement.

The artist has presented her work to the public in numerous individual and group exhibitions and on art fairs.

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Franziska Gußmann

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SCHLACHTEN | Refugees KM | Image © by Dan Farberoff

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SCHLACHTEN | Photonovel #3 – Work In Progress | Image © Angiola Bonanni

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SCHLACHTEN | Shadows of Memories | Image © Gisela Weimann

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SCHLACHTEN | Kriege keinen Frieden | Image © Ursula Heermann-Jensen
SCHLACHTEN | Evaporating Borders | Image © Iva Radivojevic

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