SCHLACHTEN | Anestis Logothetis – The Art of Displaced Sounds | Logothetis Ensemble | Image: Ghia Tin Ora © Anestis Logothetis 1975

Anestis Logothetis – The Art of Displaced Sounds

“Sounds, like people, can migrate – across territories and cultures and away from their place of origin to reappear, renewed, in unexpected places. Technological progress has enabled sounds that come from profoundly different acoustic situations to come together and establish new constellations of meaning.

Despite being entirely a citizen of the twentieth century (born in Burgas, Bulgaria in 1921, dying in Vienna in 1994), Anestis Logothetis was already imagining the sonic world of the future in which any sound might cross over to centre stage and mingle with any other. He achieved this by inventing a whole new way of mapping sounds into notation, one that relies upon allusive clues, precise details for timbral nuance and a willingness on the part of interpreters to meet ‘ the highest flights of sonic fantasy’ with ‘corresponding acts of interpretative fidelity and imagination’. The result is a melting pot in which many sounds can co-exist – sometimes vying for attention, sometimes blending harmoniously together.

His scores, with their richness of sonic signification, are works of art in their own right: in tonight’s performance they will be projected as still images alongside the musical tumult that they have engendered.”

About the Logothetis Ensemble

The Logothetis Ensemble is an Anglo-German electro-acoustic quartet specialising in faithful performances of the scores of Anestis Logothetis.

RICHARD DOUGLAS-GREEN works with natural sounds, processing them through the use of ultrasonics and other technologies to produce new sounds which retain the complexity of their natural origins but that have acquired new identities whose source can no longer be readily identified. He worked in sound production with the BBC in Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth before becoming Senior Lecturer in Sound Production at Plymouth College of Art and Design. He now runs a small independent label and recording studio in Northern Brittany.

WERNER DURAND performs music for saxophones, Iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments. He started to build wind instruments out of plexiglass and PVC in the early 80s. Werner has collaborated with numerous composers/performers including Arnold Dreyblatt, David Behrman, John Driscoll, David Moss, Muslimgauze, Henning Christiansen& David Toop, but mainly with Dhrupad singer Amelia Cuni for more than 20 years. Current projects include a Lemuria Trio with Ray Kaczynski & Ganesh Anandan, OKAPI with dancer Junko Wada and video artist Takehito Koganezawa.

MIKE MCINERNEY plays piano and Japanese shakuhachi flute as interfaces with new technology. As a composer, he combines open form scores with acoustic recordings and analog synthesis to create works for live electro-acoustic performance. His work has been performed at Plymouth New Music Festival (2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012), Spitalfields Winter Festival (2012), Notting Hill Mayfest (2013), Sonic Arts’ EXPO Leeds (2009), Noise=Noise 17 (2010) and Teufeslberg Heri-Tage (2012). Dr McInerney is a lecturer in music with Plymouth University.

MICHAEL NEIL is an English electronic composer now resident in Berlin with a release catalogue of more than twenty albums to his credit. He plays synthesizers, MIDI interfaces with music software and samples from natural and synthetic sources in order to interact with conventional and non-conventional instruments and their performers. He also works closely with the visual arts to help redefine the role of music in the context of visual practices, graphic scores and pitch determinants such as map co-ordinates and topographical data.

SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Dusk and Not Dawn | Fernando Niño-Sánchez | Image © SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | disqualifiziert - vertrieben - ungehorsam | Franziska Gußmann | Image © Jana Plüschke

Franziska Gußmann

SCHLACHTEN | Performed Furniture | Chair Nr 35 | Image © Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett

SCHLACHTEN | Before/After: A Onesie Experience | Image © David Iselin-Ricketts

David Iselin-Ricketts

SCHLACHTEN | Anestis Logothetis – The Art of Displaced Sounds | Logothetis Ensemble | Image: Ghia Tin Ora © Anestis Logothetis 1975
SCHLACHTEN | INCUBATION BOOTH | Image © Colette / Laboratoire Lumiere
SCHLACHTEN | Heimatvertriebene| Image © Dorota Nieznalska

Dorota Nieznalska


theater 89

SCHLACHTEN | Third Age | Image © Chris Avis

Chris Avis

SCHLACHTEN | The Yearning for the Other Shore | Mediterranean Tragedy | Image © Mimouni El Houssaine

Mimouni El Houssaine

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Maharaj Trio

The Maharaj Trio

SCHLACHTEN | Refugees KM | Image © by Dan Farberoff

Refugees KM

SCHLACHTEN | Schritte | Image © Sebastian David

Sebastian David

SCHLACHTEN | ECCE HOMO| Image © Christa Panzner

Christa Panzner

SCHLACHTEN | Wandering | Image © Khadija Tnana

Khadija Tnana

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Emily Pütter

Emily Pütter

SCHLACHTEN | Photonovel #3 – Work In Progress | Image © Angiola Bonanni

Angiola Bonanni

SCHLACHTEN | SELF diss played | Image © Isabella Gresser

Isabella Gresser

SCHLACHTEN | Shadows of Memories | Image © Gisela Weimann

Gisela Weimann

SCHLACHTEN | Zu Hause | Image © Harry van der Woud

Harry van der Woud

SCHLACHTEN| Image © Walter van Broekhuizen
SCHLACHTEN | Baumringe | Lampedusa | Image © Julia Schmid

Julia Schmid

SCHLACHTEN | Wanderboje | Image © Peschken / Pisarsky (Urban Art)
SCHLACHTEN | Image © Miguel Mothes

Miguel Mothes

SCHLACHTEN | Kriege keinen Frieden | Image © Ursula Heermann-Jensen
SCHLACHTEN | Evaporating Borders | Image © Iva Radivojevic

Iva Radivojevic

Avec destination à... / Con destino a… ("Bound for…") | Image © Said Messari

Said Messari

The Right to Leave | Image © Sharon Paz

Sharon Paz

SCHLACHTEN | Lost Way | Dark Way | Image © Salva Nebot

Salva Nebot

Bathroom Portraits | Image © Milos Tzare

Milos Tzare

Confusion of Shapes | Image © Khaled Al-boushi

Khaled Al-boushi

SCHLACHTEN | ZEITWEISE-REISE | Image © Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal
SCHLACHTEN | How To Greet Like A Jamaican Step1 | Zwoisy Mears-Clarke | Image © by Aleks Slota

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

SCHLACHTEN | With Sails of Straw | Image © Anna Gimein

Anna Gimein