SCHLACHTEN | Wandering | Image © Khadija Tnana


“Two opposing feet, both composed of smaller feet, that wear drawings of female body-fragments.

In this absurd world the human-being cannot avoid his worries. Every time he tries to invent beauty, whether it is in art or science, in order to improve the quality of his life, emerge new negative side-effects. He often tries to escape his fate but he finds himself in the labyrinth – for how long?”


أحلق بنظري نحو الفضاء الفارغ
أبحث عن قدمي لا أجد لهم أثر، استفيق لأجد رأسي إنفصل على جسدي لا يتذكر أين تركه، لعل الزحمة دفعت به حيث طريق لا مخرج له.
كل الطرق تؤدي إلي البحر، وكل الحروب تؤدي إلي الدمار.
الأقدام، الدمار، الأجساد، الهلاك. وأنا رأسي مرفوع، جسدي مخرب، وأقدامي تائهة؟؟ تدور حول نفسها…..
سأتركك يا وطني لأنك جامد لا تتحركك
سأمضي بعيدا لأنك لا تطيقني
احتويتني غريبا بين أحضانك
“وقدفت بي في طريق تدمرني

About Khadija Tnana

Born in Tétouan, Morocco. Self-educated.
Professor at the Faculty of Law of Fez.
Former deputy mayor of Fez city, in charge of culture.
President of the association: Forum of Women’s Creativity.
President of the association Khadija Tnana foundation for art and creation.
Member of the Moroccan Association of Plastic Arts.
Founding member of the Ras-Al-Hanut group.
Former Member of the Administrative Board of the Arabs (paid).
In the field of drama:
wrote two texts for theater Tata Mbarka and …Luiza… Najat …
and text and screenplay for film Don Jovani with Kamira.
Video Al-khez (Schande) in 2015Participated in several national and international group exhibitions, Curator of the exhibition Mehdi Ben Barka Raba. In 2001 organized an Arab exhibition Maakoum for support Al- Inttifada Museum Cairo Egypt, Ahmed Chaouki
Participated in 2nd Biennial Casablanca 2014.
In 2006, representation of two of her works of art umbrellas in central Beaubourg Paris.

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