SCHLACHTEN | Wanderboje | Image © Anne Peschken & Marek Pisarsky (Urban Art)

DISPLACED 2015 Artists

The artist-pages for DISPLACED 2015 are now live at

We’ve received a large number of excellent submissions, which we are excited to share with you! Artists entires are still being added and we are in the process of translating them into German.

The festival launch is approaching fast – one month to go!

Put the date in your diaries: The Mendelsohn Hall, Luckenwalde, Saturday 13th of June at 16:00

Programme of Events:

13th June, 16:00: Official Launch and panel discussion at the Mendelsohn Hall.
14th June, 16:00: Maharaj Trio performance at the Mendelsohn Hall.
20th/21st June: “Board Game” with Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal at the Mendelsohn Hall.
10th July, 19:00: theater 89 performance at the Mendelsohn Hall.
12th July: Logothetis Ensemble concert at Schloss Wiepersdorf.

Our resident artists, local Syrian immigrant artist Khaled Al-boushi and Italian-Spanish artist Angiola Bonnani who has arrived at our Oehna headquarters, are both busy at work. Renowned Polish researcher Jan M Piskorski has arrived at Schloss Wiepersdorf to begin his research-residency for our festival, the Refugees KM are busy composing the music for the launch, and a representative of the German Red Cross has been to the Mendelsohn Hall to discuss the installation of their refugee tents within the hall as part of our exhibition.

To stay informed please keep visiting our website or subscribing

And last but not least, we would like to remind locals of our Wish-Cushion initiative!