SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Emily Pütter, Begrüßung | Image © Alvaro Torres Vallejo

DISPLACED 2015 – Film of Festival Launch

Film by Gonzalo Rofso and Carina Bueno.
July 10, 2015/by Emily

DISPLACED 2015 Festival Closing Concert

DISPLACED 2015 comes to an end: The…
July 6, 2015/by Emily
SCHLACHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Fotostory | Angiola Bonanni | Image © Dan Farberoff

DISPLACED 2015 – the Programme this coming Weekend

Sat 27th June, Mendelsohn Hall 11:00-21:00 DISPLACED 2015…
June 22, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Führung zu den Exponaten mit Dr. Sabine Meister | Image © Alvaro Torres Vallejo

Festival Launch and World Refugee Day Weekend

Following on from our successful festival launch we are looking…
June 15, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHLACHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 Künstlerin Colette in der Mendelsohnhalle | Image © Emily Pütter

We Are Setting Up!!!

The launch is on Saturday at 16:00. Info here.
June 11, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM

Launch Programme

SCHLACHTEN Festival welcome you to our official launch. The theme…
June 6, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM

The Victims of War, Forced Labor, Flight and Expulsion

Jan M. Piskorski (* 1956 in Stettin) is a Polish Historian. In…
June 6, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHLACHTEN | Wunschkissen | © Isabella Gresser |Photo by Emily Pütter

Wish-Cushions : New Submissions

New Wish-Cushion submissions have arrived! Director of Schloss…
May 23, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHLACHTEN | Wanderboje | Image © Anne Peschken & Marek Pisarsky (Urban Art)

DISPLACED 2015 Artists

The artist-pages for DISPLACED 2015 are now live at We've…
May 13, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
© Image: Emily Pütter, Poster Design: Dan Farberoff


The official launch of DISPLACED 2015 will take place on the…
May 1, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM

Wish-Cushions : Call-Out for Partcipants

Join us! Cushions needed! Wish-Cushions, filled with your…
March 30, 2015/by Emily

Filling-in the Space

Application for DISPLACED 2015 is now closed. We've received…
February 28, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM

The Mendelsohn Hall – Our Main Venue for DISPLACED 2015

A 360ֹº view inside the 10,000 square meters former hat factory,…
February 9, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM

Application Now Open!!

We are now receiving applications for DISPLACED 2015. The deadline…
January 31, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
© Khaled Al-Boushi

Callout for Works Very Soon!!

SCHLACHTEN are soon putting out a callout for artworks for…
January 22, 2015/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM
Jam M. Piskorski – Die Verjagten

Jan M. Piskorski at Altes Lager

Flight and Expulsion in 20th century Europe were the focus of…
November 21, 2014/by SCHLACHTEN TEAM