Wish-Cushions : Call-Out for Partcipants

Join us!

Cushions needed! Wish-Cushions, filled with your good wishes for those who have suffered and need to start all over again.

Sew a colourful pillow, put in it your good wishes for the refugees who arrive in the state of Brandenburg from around the world, and we will place it inside our tents, provided by the German Red Cross, ready for you to comfortably sit on and watch the films and videos we have lovingly selected for you, and which explore this important issue.

The tents will be erected within the Mendelsohn Hall, whose architect and the original owners were exiled from Nazi Germany in the 1930s: a reminder and an opportunity to uncover to what extent flight, displacement and expulsion are interwoven into our lives.

The messages you all send us inside your cushions, placed in the restored hall, will be a colourful, soft, and joyous welcome – an opportunity for interaction and discussion.

We’re very grateful for your partcipation!!

If you have any questions about the Wish-Cushions, please send us an email to displaced2015@schlachten.org (subject: “Wish-Cushions”) or fill out the form below:


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