SCHLACHTEN | ZEITWEISE-REISE | Image © Johanna Speidel / Chus López Vidal

ZEITWEISE-REISE (Occasional Tour)

An interactive action in the art space

In a large-size sculpture board game, we want to invite the audience onto a journey through 7 fictitious continents and transform them into migrants looking for happiness. Each player has to move with a small ship from square to square, and will reach his continent of origin at the end.
The game starts with birth and ends with death.
A roulette placed in the middle of the board game decides on each player’s progress.
At differently designed squares, the players can win or lose time in form of time diamonds. Luck or disaster cards can be drawn. The winner is the player who “dies” as the oldest age at the end of the game, i.e. who has accumulated most lifetime.

Join us in this game of chance, where time is the treasure!

Time: June, 20 and 21, 7 hours (12 – 7 p.m.)
Location: Mendelsohnhalle Luckenwalde


SCHLACHTEN | ZEITWEISE-REISE | Image © Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal
About Johanna Speidel

Multimedia artist. Lives in Madrid and Berlin.
Her installations, videos and photographs have been shown at international art fairs like Arco, MiArt, Tránsito and “Bienal of Cerveira
Chairwoman of Madrid´s Cultural Association “La Ternura” since 1996.
Development and coordination of interdisciplinary exchange projects.

“I want to transfer borders with a steadfast gaze, open intimate spaces, transparent and transcendent. They are places where feelings capture mobile shapes and gestures passing through mirrors. The world is full of layers at different levels which I can access in the form of a composition and a transparent mixture, revising ideas and stagnant concepts .My purpose is to have others present, installed in my collective and prevailing memory. I interact with my colleague artists in projects, fomenting work with ideas and shared notions creating interdisciplinary collective art. I like to devise and invent these independent projects and take part in other peoples’ proposals. With a friendly link we grow as people and as creators.”

About Chus López Vidal

Chus is an artist and curator living in Berlin. She has organized numerous events, including her Ea/ID solo exhibition at RAMPE 003 (Berlin 2000), 8 Künstler 8 Länder (8 Artists 8 Countries; Berlin 2002), Die Traumsammlung at the Instituto Cervantes (Collected Dreams; Berlin 2004), Me, myself and I (Frankfurt 2005), and Gratwanderungen at the ruins of the Franciscan Monastery (Balancing Act; Berlin 2007). In 2009, she coordinated Gallery Schuster events in Berlin and would spend the next two years as co-director and curator at the Department of Culture for the Berlin-Tempelhof district.

Since 1990 she is showing her videos, installations and photographs in exhibitions all over Europe.

SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Dusk and Not Dawn | Fernando Niño-Sánchez | Image © SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | disqualifiziert - vertrieben - ungehorsam | Franziska Gußmann | Image © Jana Plüschke

Franziska Gußmann

SCHLACHTEN | Performed Furniture | Chair Nr 35 | Image © Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett

SCHLACHTEN | Before/After: A Onesie Experience | Image © David Iselin-Ricketts

David Iselin-Ricketts

SCHLACHTEN | Anestis Logothetis – The Art of Displaced Sounds | Logothetis Ensemble | Image: Ghia Tin Ora © Anestis Logothetis 1975
SCHLACHTEN | INCUBATION BOOTH | Image © Colette / Laboratoire Lumiere
SCHLACHTEN | Heimatvertriebene| Image © Dorota Nieznalska

Dorota Nieznalska


theater 89

SCHLACHTEN | Third Age | Image © Chris Avis

Chris Avis

SCHLACHTEN | The Yearning for the Other Shore | Mediterranean Tragedy | Image © Mimouni El Houssaine

Mimouni El Houssaine

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Maharaj Trio

The Maharaj Trio

SCHLACHTEN | Refugees KM | Image © by Dan Farberoff

Refugees KM

SCHLACHTEN | Schritte | Image © Sebastian David

Sebastian David

SCHLACHTEN | ECCE HOMO| Image © Christa Panzner

Christa Panzner

SCHLACHTEN | Wandering | Image © Khadija Tnana

Khadija Tnana

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Emily Pütter

Emily Pütter

SCHLACHTEN | Photonovel #3 – Work In Progress | Image © Angiola Bonanni

Angiola Bonanni

SCHLACHTEN | SELF diss played | Image © Isabella Gresser

Isabella Gresser

SCHLACHTEN | Shadows of Memories | Image © Gisela Weimann

Gisela Weimann

SCHLACHTEN | Zu Hause | Image © Harry van der Woud

Harry van der Woud

SCHLACHTEN| Image © Walter van Broekhuizen
SCHLACHTEN | Baumringe | Lampedusa | Image © Julia Schmid

Julia Schmid

SCHLACHTEN | Wanderboje | Image © Peschken / Pisarsky (Urban Art)
SCHLACHTEN | Image © Miguel Mothes

Miguel Mothes

SCHLACHTEN | Kriege keinen Frieden | Image © Ursula Heermann-Jensen
SCHLACHTEN | Evaporating Borders | Image © Iva Radivojevic

Iva Radivojevic

Avec destination à... / Con destino a… ("Bound for…") | Image © Said Messari

Said Messari

The Right to Leave | Image © Sharon Paz

Sharon Paz

SCHLACHTEN | Lost Way | Dark Way | Image © Salva Nebot

Salva Nebot

Bathroom Portraits | Image © Milos Tzare

Milos Tzare

Confusion of Shapes | Image © Khaled Al-boushi

Khaled Al-boushi

SCHLACHTEN | ZEITWEISE-REISE | Image © Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal
SCHLACHTEN | How To Greet Like A Jamaican Step1 | Zwoisy Mears-Clarke | Image © by Aleks Slota

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

SCHLACHTEN | With Sails of Straw | Image © Anna Gimein

Anna Gimein