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    SCHLACHTEN |Image © Khaled Al-Boushi


SCHLACHTEN, our international contemporary arts festival, focuses in 2015 on the theme of DISPLACEMENT: be it geographical displacement, the migration or dislocation of persons, or cultural displacement; as a result of conflict, economic pressures, the effects of environmental degradation, of globalization, through increased freedom of movement and an increasingly interconnected world.

2015 marks the 70 year anniversary of the end of WW II, a period of mass displacement of persons around the globe. The estimated figure of over 50 million Displaced Persons worldwide, in the years following the war, has been surpassed this past year for the first time, making it a topmost European and worldwide concern, which is closely linked to political, economic, and not least, environmental factors. The mass displacements and expulsions of the 20th century are still reverberating today, as those who are displaced displace and the unsettled unsettle, in a chain of events that has yet to run its course.

DISPLACED 2015 offers a platform and an opportunity for artists, performers, thinkers and audiences to engage with and highlight the important issue of DISPLACEMENT, as reflected in our local, personal and global contexts.

SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Emily Pütter, Begrüßung | Image © Alvaro Torres Vallejo

DISPLACED 2015 – Film of Festival Launch

Film by Gonzalo Rofso and Carina Bueno.

DISPLACED 2015 Festival Closing Concert

DISPLACED 2015 comes to an end: http://schlachten.org/artist/logothetis-ensemble/ The concert by the Logothetis Ensemble is the crowning ending, on the 12th of July at 15:00 in Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf. The final day of the DISPLACED 2015 exhibition is the 11th of July, 11:00-20:00 in the Mendelsohn Hall, Industriestraße 2, Luckenwalde. For additional information about the exhibition at the Mendelsohn Hall […]

SCHLACHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Fotostory | Angiola Bonanni | Image © Dan Farberoff

DISPLACED 2015 – the Programme this coming Weekend

Sat 27th June, Mendelsohn Hall 11:00-21:00 DISPLACED 2015 Exhibition & Video-Tent Artworks by selected international artists to the theme DISPLACED 2015: fine art, sculpture, video and much more. 14:00 Guided tour of the exhibition with Emily Pütter, artistic director of DISPLACED 2015 15:30 DISPLACED Film #3 69 min (3€) International film festival Difference Screen present a collection of short and […]

SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Führung zu den Exponaten mit Dr. Sabine Meister | Image © Alvaro Torres Vallejo

Festival Launch and World Refugee Day Weekend

Following on from our successful festival launch we are looking forward to the next four weekends of DISPLACED 2015. The launch-weekend featured a panel-discussion on the theme of Displacement and the meeting of art and science, there was a delicious buffet prepared by Luckenwalde resident Syrian refugee Marwan Osso, a guided tour of the exhibition, and […]

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