Avec destination à... / Con destino a… ("Bound for…") | Image © Said Messari

Avec destination à… / Con destino a… (Bound for…)

Homage to the 10 immigrants who died in the summer of 2007 on the coast of Arinaga. XXI Festival Theatre South-Encounter of Three Continents.

Clip & music: Said Messari. 2009

About Said Messari

“1992 was a very important year for me since I opted for the regularization of my status in Madrid. This allowed me, once and for all, to establish my personal independence and my professional autonomy. I managed to open my studio where I have been developing the three activities in which I work with passion: painting, etching and graphic design. I try to live in harmony with these three activities. I also make book illustrations and design covers and posters. I have conducted several workshops in Arabic Calligraphy at several official Language Schools in Madrid, Malaga and Cordoba, as well as at the University of Castilla la Mancha Ciudad Real, at the Toledo School of Translation, at the Casa Arabe of Madrid and Cordoba, and in the Arabic Department of the Autonomous University of Madrid… I also taught workshops of experimental non-toxic engraving at Casa Falconieri in Sardinia, Italy, at the Center for Contemporary Art in Essaouira, Morocco with the dual sponsorship of “Maroc Premium” and “Magazine Art du Maroc”, as well as in the Residence of Hispano-Moroccan artists in Chefchaouen, Morocco, which was organized by the Association “Alegria Chamalía” and by the Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia and the Spanish Embassy in Rabat. I have also been invited to direct a etching workshop at the Artist Residence / French Institute of Tangier-Tetouan. I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Art Galleries in several countries, including Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland and Syria.”


SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | Dusk and Not Dawn | Fernando Niño-Sánchez | Image © SCHLACHTEN TEAM
SCHALCHTEN | DISPLACED 2015 | disqualifiziert - vertrieben - ungehorsam | Franziska Gußmann | Image © Jana Plüschke

Franziska Gußmann

SCHLACHTEN | Performed Furniture | Chair Nr 35 | Image © Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett

SCHLACHTEN | Before/After: A Onesie Experience | Image © David Iselin-Ricketts

David Iselin-Ricketts

SCHLACHTEN | Anestis Logothetis – The Art of Displaced Sounds | Logothetis Ensemble | Image: Ghia Tin Ora © Anestis Logothetis 1975
SCHLACHTEN | INCUBATION BOOTH | Image © Colette / Laboratoire Lumiere
SCHLACHTEN | Heimatvertriebene| Image © Dorota Nieznalska

Dorota Nieznalska


theater 89

SCHLACHTEN | Third Age | Image © Chris Avis

Chris Avis

SCHLACHTEN | The Yearning for the Other Shore | Mediterranean Tragedy | Image © Mimouni El Houssaine

Mimouni El Houssaine

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Maharaj Trio

The Maharaj Trio

SCHLACHTEN | Refugees KM | Image © by Dan Farberoff

Refugees KM

SCHLACHTEN | Schritte | Image © Sebastian David

Sebastian David

SCHLACHTEN | ECCE HOMO| Image © Christa Panzner

Christa Panzner

SCHLACHTEN | Wandering | Image © Khadija Tnana

Khadija Tnana

SCHLACHTEN | Image © Emily Pütter

Emily Pütter

SCHLACHTEN | Photonovel #3 – Work In Progress | Image © Angiola Bonanni

Angiola Bonanni

SCHLACHTEN | SELF diss played | Image © Isabella Gresser

Isabella Gresser

SCHLACHTEN | Shadows of Memories | Image © Gisela Weimann

Gisela Weimann

SCHLACHTEN | Zu Hause | Image © Harry van der Woud

Harry van der Woud

SCHLACHTEN| Image © Walter van Broekhuizen
SCHLACHTEN | Baumringe | Lampedusa | Image © Julia Schmid

Julia Schmid

SCHLACHTEN | Wanderboje | Image © Peschken / Pisarsky (Urban Art)
SCHLACHTEN | Image © Miguel Mothes

Miguel Mothes

SCHLACHTEN | Kriege keinen Frieden | Image © Ursula Heermann-Jensen
SCHLACHTEN | Evaporating Borders | Image © Iva Radivojevic

Iva Radivojevic

Avec destination à... / Con destino a… ("Bound for…") | Image © Said Messari

Said Messari

The Right to Leave | Image © Sharon Paz

Sharon Paz

SCHLACHTEN | Lost Way | Dark Way | Image © Salva Nebot

Salva Nebot

Bathroom Portraits | Image © Milos Tzare

Milos Tzare

Confusion of Shapes | Image © Khaled Al-boushi

Khaled Al-boushi

SCHLACHTEN | ZEITWEISE-REISE | Image © Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal
SCHLACHTEN | How To Greet Like A Jamaican Step1 | Zwoisy Mears-Clarke | Image © by Aleks Slota

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

SCHLACHTEN | With Sails of Straw | Image © Anna Gimein

Anna Gimein